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smo: how to move a profile and the attached snapshots from one to another server



we are using the SnapManager for Oracle (Version 3.0.3) on solaris 5.10.

We have to move several databases to another server.

But what about the SMO-Profiles and their snapshots ?

Is it possible to move them to another server ?

Are there any expieriences to this ?




We have done this on AIX 5.3 ML6, we unmapped the LUNs from the AIX server, backed up the AIX server using mksysb utility and restored the same on another AIX server and provided same IP and hostname. lastly, we mapped the LUNs to this AIX server.

It worked fine.....


Thank you for the answer,

but our problem is that the IP-address and the hostname has changed.

We have also remapped the LUNs/Volumes. After this the snapshots are visible on the new server (snapdrive  snap  show -snapname filer:/vol/[volname]:*)

But in SMO the old profile remains attached to the old server.

In the profile-dialog (update) it is not possible to change the servername.

You may only change such things like username/password,...

Is it possible to create a new profile, detaching the snapshots from the old profile and after that attaching ths snapshots to the new profile ?