Data Backup and Recovery

snapcenter and sql server backup


im new one in snap center. 

ihave 2 sap server each of them have one db .

mygoal is hourly log 0:30 and full at 1:00

i create 2 policy sapsqllog and sapsqlfull

one resource group with both instances.

is this correct?

what about sysdb when i choice the hole instance and have hourly log files, have i then 24 full backups of sysdb?


second i have a sql server with three instances one have full recovery another simple 

and the lasthave mix , musst i by the last make two resource group one for full recovery db one for simple recovery db, and then one for sysdb? and add content peer database?

i think i also make mistakes because i make for one server 2 resource group rg_db and rg_sysdb


and which report should i use to see if everything is backup up?

because there when i choice instance there when i click on instance there is a restore point but under databases there i have not backup configured