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snapcenter: delete obsolete administrators


We have already a bunch of obsolete administrator accounts within snapcenter and we'd like to delete them, to avoid questions and explanations at the next security audit. Is there a risk of orphan objects ( host, prtections...) if we simply delete those users?
All Users accounts  are domain-accounts, so they are already locked on domain-level, but anyhow, we'd prefer to get them deleted inside snapcenter.

Any suggestions?



I don't have SC setup anymore but I am guessing, as all the users accounts are domain-accounts they are populated into the SC and then assigned appropriate roles. Can you not get rid of them (Obsolete users) from AD, and then refresh the SC it should be gone ?


Could you try and change their roles to - Backup (which would be read-only view of all permissions), so that those users cannot modify anything. If it's urgent, you could raise a ticket with support.

Well, 1st of all, I'm not the ad.aministrator so if it's company decision to keep ad accounts of old users locked instead of deleting them, it's theyre decision.

2nd, sure, i could modify the sc-rule or degrade them from admin towards some lower ranking but my question was if someone has experiances deleting those users.

and 3rd of all, i guess i could open a call for mostly all questions but question is, does it make sense.
I had the opinion that it may be a topic for the community, first.