Data Backup and Recovery

snapdrive license required at DR site?


If snapdrive accesses a snapmirror destination filer to run a snapmirror update do I need a snapdrive license at the destination?



I have tested with an eval and no it is not.

I am trying to setup snapdrive to talk to snapmirror destination filers for the purpose of executing snapmirror updates - When providing details of the destination filers via the Transport Protocol Setting page I receive the error "Failed to verify login credentials for the storage system. The requested operation is not permitted since this functionality is not licensed". I have tired both HTTP & HTTPS, not using RPC as the local creds are not the same as the destination. On the local site I am using filer based licensing....


Ok, I added a snapdrive license once more to the destination filer - Removed the default transport protocol settings from within the snapdrive MMC - Added all filers individually within transport protocol settings and all works well now. So yes, you do need a snapdrive license at the destination for snapdrive to request a snapmirror update....

Not great!