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snapinfo filling up


We have a couple of servers using SMSQL for backups and everything works with no problems at all apart from "\SMSQL_SnapInfo\VDISK__MountPoint-001\FG__" never seems to clear down there are folders with dmp files going back to the first time the jobs were run in 2014. Going through the SM restore wizard these appear as Archived backups and if deleted there do disappear from disk. When SM jobs run there is an entry in the log that the directories are qurried but then all of the folders are listed in not being deleted. What controls the retention of the directories here as I would of expected them to be cleared down ?





Please check and remove any invalid entries in the .sml (SMSQL metadata file) within the Snapinfo directory structure.

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Cheers I have already been looking at the .sml files and in snapinfo at the root of the directories I only have a SnapInfo__****__LogInfo.sml file which just shows the recent snapshot time and a SanpInfo__****_DataSet.xml with the DFM dataset name and DB's to include. Each backup in the FG__ directory has a SnapInfo__Date.sml with the details for that backup job but I don't seem to have any other config type files in the SnapInfo directory.








We have the same problem with the backup job not cleaning up correctly. In our setup this also have an impact on the time it takes for the backup job to finish.

By deleting the "obsolete" snapinfo folders under ..\SMSQL_SnapInfo\VDISK__MountPoint-001\FG__ we can sometimes cut hours of the backuptime.


We have tried with different versions of SnapManager for SQL and SnapManager for Exchange, with no diffenrence. We even filled a case with NetApp through our supportpartner, which didn't solve the issue.


In some cases we use a post script that deletes obsolete folders when the backup job is done.