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snapmanager reconfigure questions


I'm migrating some vms from vmware server to esx and have problems with 2 vms that use sme and smsql.  The services are working fine and snapdrive is happy on both boxes (after I re-established the iscsi sessions because of nic hardware changes). The luns (and vfiler) didn't change. On the sql box, snapmanager thinks that the data lun is local. On the exchange vm, snapmanager says the stores are not on luns at all but they are.

On the sql server, most dbs have data on f: and logs on g:. 2 databases are entirely on f:. Snapinfo is on h:. This may not be a supported config but it was working before the migration.

From what I've been reading, I need to rerun the configuration wizard but it seems meant to migrate from other storage to netapp luns. Is this required? Is it safe and non-disruptive when the data is already in place? Surely there is a less nerve wracking method .



I've been working with support on this and it looks like I'll have to reconfigure the 2 databases that are out of compliance. I did this in test and snapmanager just started working again, no reconfiguration required. But support is looking for a way to 'fix' the current config since it was working. I'm working with the customer's support to make the changes to set things right but that may take some time.

So the moral is: do things right the first time


The dba detached the databases, moved the logfiles and reattached the databases. All is good now.