Data Backup and Recovery

snapshots size and volume full


Program is Snapcenter

I have backup job on  resource group level  with one Server in the past there where 3 Server in Group. So i leave it so.

I normally make  FULL DB backup one per day. retention is 3 Day.

A also create me a backup job to make backup on instance level with different retention.

backup job on DB level i dont have.

Now i become a task to do a manually backup  and i should disable backup job which is used normally.

1.I deactivate the backup job

2. check space on volume so i can make a additional manually backup, everything was OK

3. i make a manually full backup on instance level. 

check the space on volume and everything was OK.

then some guy is making something on server he change DB .

No backup job is activated.

But after one day volume was full, no space left. old snaphot where deleted only one stayed . 

But this was not the snapshot which i create manually.




Sorry, I am unable to understand the whole thing, if could attach some screenshots to illustrate, that would help.


In the meantime - As I understand, snaps were deleted? So, could you check if "Snapshot autodelete" is enabled on that volume? Might be the case where threshold has been reached and snaps deleted according to the settings. While this is investigated, you could disable "autodelete" setting to prevent snaps from being deleted.


Snapshots are deleted immediately after Snap Center backup is run


How to use Snapshot Autodelete


Ok i need to rewrite everything.

I use SQL Server where the existing Database will be erase and change with new one. So a lot of data blocks changes.  And Volume snapshoots  size is over 1 TB, normally daily snapshoots is 20 GB.

But daily backup job is disabled. There should not be any changes to existing snaphoots size.

For example 

07.11.2022 Daily_DB_Snapshot 20 GB

08.11.2022 Daily_DB_snapshot 15 GB

09.11.2022 Daily_DB _snapshot  13 GB    (daily backup job disabled)

09.11.2022 DB Manually snapshot     700KB.   (manually backup job)

NO BACKUP JOBS ARE Active so snapshoots should be changed.


Existing database on Server where deleted and new oder Database will restore to Server.

And then my volume show so. ( Volume is full) and there only one Snapshoot is there

09.11.2022 Daily_DB _snapshots  1 TB  all other snaphoots are been deleted. 

But why i dont want that that happend. after i deactivate the daily backup job and create one manually backup. No one should touch the snaphots.

Because at the end the important manually backup which should be there is deleted.







Snapshots are deleted by SnapCenter only when the retention is hit.  

If a snapshot is removed before that time, then it is either done by an admin or it is done through the snapshot autodelete option described above.  If space was low then I would suspect autodelete.  Read the links given above and see if that fits your environment.