Data Backup and Recovery

vFiler + FC Still a No-go?


We misunderstood today that we could present FC out of vFilers (assuming a dependency on FCoE/NPIV) but that appears not to be the case.  Where is this on the road map?  The entire SMT design is predicated on not using one of the most prevalent storage delivery mechanisms?         



It is not on a road map that I know of ... only supports iscsi for Luns. There was talk of it but with c-mode I don't see it ever happening in 7-mode vfilers. Most our customers are happy with nfs for vmware in vfilers. For fcoe and fcp you can still use vfiler0 if igroups meet requirements for security.

For separation of fcp the future (and current but on release candidate code) is c-mode which supports fcp with 8.1. Definitely have a detailed discussion with your SE to see if that is an option down the road since it will be ga next year and will have snapmanager support around that same time.