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wizard SME error when move database to lun



I try to install SME 6.0 on windows 2008R2 and Exchange 2010 server with some database.

So I have 20 database who are located on disk C.

I create 2 another lun with snapdrive 6.2. Lun E for logs and lun D for database on 2 different volume.

When I start the wizard and selct D for every database I have this error :

"Configuration wizard detected a storage group/database was reconfigured. the currently migration parameters are invalid. please assign a valid location to the previously selected storage group in the storage group selection list, or cancel and restart the configuration wizard."

I assume to make a mistake in the config or I have a strange bug.



please help



You must use one database per lun and all the log files along with the snapinfo can be put in one single LUN.

one DB per LUN

All Logs and Snapinfo - One LUN.

Hope this helps.



If you mean that you have 20 Exchange Databases, then you can not use a single drive letter for all databases.  You need a LUN per database, and each LUN needs to be in a (UNIX permission) QTree for SME to see it as a valid location. You can have more than one LUN per NatApp volume, but they each need to be in their own QTree.  Once you have created the LUNS and mapped them then run the wizard.  The wizard will then move your existing data from where it is to the new drive that you have created with SnapDrive. You also need a set of drives for the log and SnapInfo files, again one LUN per Log set. The SnapInfo can be stored with the Logs.