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Continuous enhancement of NetApp Knowledge Base


The NetApp Knowledge Base team is continuously working towards improving your experience on our Knowledge Base site. On Oct 4, 2021, we went live with a new and improved look for our site.


The site now has bold and bright colors, better navigation, and new features and widgets to help you quickly find the information that you are looking for. Other changes include:

  • rearranged product categories on the home page that allows improved access to content,
  • widgets for Top-used and Recently updated articles,
  • new feedback option in articles to improve the feedback submission experience, and
  • links to our new content formats—Interactive and Resolution Guides. These content formats have been created to improve your self-service experience on the site, by providing you a guided path to access relevant and most-used articles about a topic/issue in one location.

Check out our new and enhanced Knowledge Base site and let us know your thoughts:

Or you can view this video to know about the changes to our site: