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NetApp Wins 2022 Coveo Relevance Pinnacle Award


January 6, 2023

San Jose, CA


NetApp won a 2022 Coveo Relevance Pinnacle Award. The Coveo Relevance Awards celebrate industry leaders and innovative pioneers in the Coveo community with multiple awards including Innovators, Impact, Industry Leader and Pinnacle.


The Pinnacle Award celebrates a company with the broadest deployment of Coveo. Pinnacle Award winners have amplified the impact of the Coveo relevance platform across their enterprise in multiple use cases, delivering clear results with both customers and employees.


The winning submission from NetApp reflects the team’s continuing ambition to deliver a world-class customer and employee experience while continually optimizing the user experience. This win adds to NetApp and NetApp digital support’s industry recognition including over 7 significant awards solely in 2022.


The NetApp entry focused on multiple use cases using the Coveo Relevance Cloud solution including integration with case management, NetApp Support Site, intranet search, engineering search and search on


The NetApp digital support team enabled key features such as telemetry, configuration and A/B testing to optimize search relevancy as well as the machine learning model. Significant improvements to key metrics including a 30% increase in user interactions, over 3.5M monthly digital support page views, over 80% user click throughs coming from the top 5 search results, and all-time high customer satisfaction and customer effort scores were realized with the key feature and strategy implementation.


Ryan Mathews, Senior Director of Digital Support Strategy at NetApp said: “It is a true honor to win this prestigious Coveo customer award for 2022. The Pinnacle Award underscores the customer support team’s dedication to our industry-leading, shift-left transformation. I am exceptionally proud of the team. The recognition of high-quality search as a differentiator to world-class digital engagement and our partnership with Coveo made that vision a reality.”


Gopal Parthasarathy, Senior IT Manager, Shared Services at NetApp said: “Coveo’s rollout enterprise-wide via the unified platform delivered a unique experience to disparate users. Over 190 content sources were ingested for the intranet. The segregated search user interface provides a window to superior search capability against allocated sources, removing the need to duplicate ingestions, while delivering a secure search honoring the visibility rules. Our adoptions have increased, resulting in happier users who find the relevant results quicker than ever.”


Rayaprolu Suryanarayana, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Support Operations at NetApp said: “Coveo provided a qualitatively superior experience for our stakeholders with a more intuitive, flexible, and secure search experience. Through a unified search interface, our agents and customers are able to seamlessly access content from over 25 content sources, which led to a 30% increase in user interactions with search in the past year.”


Since its founding in 1992, NetApp has been obsessed with digitizing and simplifying the storage technology customer experience (CX) and “Putting the Customer at the Center” has been firmly established as one of the company’s five core values and behaviors lauded by the company. NetApp looks beyond NPS scores to build a more holistic, unique 360-degree approach to customer experience; allowing the company deliver balanced, data-driven decision making that differentiates its CX from larger rivals and drives closer and more intimate relations with its customers and partners, and greater responsiveness and agility in adapting to changing market conditions.


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