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DS2246 SAS install - FAS2240-2. Config check


Hello Everyone,

I've done a bit of lurking and I believe I am ready to install an add on  24 disk shelf to my FAS2240-2 system. I was wondering if you could take a look over my procedure and let me know if it checks out. I really appreciate it.

Things to consider: our current setup is 2 aggregates(1 on each controller) with 11 disks split between them in raid DP ( 2 spares)

I am adding an additional 24 disks and wish to make a new raid group in each aggregate.

all disks are 600gb SAS

  1. Disk Shelf will be unpackaged and racked above the Netapp FAS2240 controller.
  2. Shelf will be powered on and given a unique shelf ID.
  3. Auto assigning of disks will be turned off on both controllers via SSH session with command “options disk.auto_assign off”
  4. Make auto support change “options autosupport.doit “before shelf add”.
  5. Shelf will now be cabled (please see diagram below)

6.        After confirming disks are seen by the controllers they will now be split between both:

Controller1: disk assign 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23

Controller2: disk assign 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24

7.         Create new raid groups on existing aggregates(2) with the following commands

            aggr add aggr_1 -g new 11

           aggr add aggr_2 -g new 11

           (we don’t assign 12 as I’d like to keep a hot spare disk per raid group)

8.          Reallocations 

            reallocate -f -p /vol/ vol_1


                                            vol3  etc…

9. Turn back on auto assign


Re: DS2246 SAS install - FAS2240-2. Config check


It seems OK for me. If the existing RAID groups are with 11 disks than the layout will be perfect.

Re: DS2246 SAS install - FAS2240-2. Config check



Yes the existing raid group is actually the default at 16 but there are only 11 disks. Rather than add 5 disks I decided to just make a new raid group.

Re: DS2246 SAS install - FAS2240-2. Config check


I completed this install and everything worked out 100%, but I made a mistake on my reallocate command.

it should be: reallocate start -f -p /vol/...

View solution in original post

Re: DS2246 SAS install - FAS2240-2. Config check




please check the ACP Cabling.  It's wrong. 

It needs to be Circle to Square. 


Best regards,



Re: DS2246 SAS install - FAS2240-2. Config check


ACP and SAS cabling are fine.


But he is correct in the sense that NetApp best practice recommends you go IN to a square port and OUT of a circle port. Easy way to remember is 'O' for OUT. Doesn't matter if you have it backwards as long as its consistent across the environment, but Config Advisor will identify the discrepancy between circle and square and alert accordingly. Functionality is the same.





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