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DS2246 & FAS2240-2 wiring help




Kindly need some help with wiring the FAS2240-2 (dual controller) and a one(1) DS2246 unit.

Found this https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMP1193604 & https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMP1149275 . (appear the same) 

followed section 3c (double controller model), that have more then one DS, so I assume maybe with one DS wiring would be wrong as we have it.


The issue is that we're see from web UI the alerts as if DS2246 is only connected to one IOM controller on FAS2240-2 instead of to both. Tried changing cable and replacing with a new one, same issue appears. 😞


Does anyone have a wiring diagram that they can share how it should be just with one filer and one disk-shelf?


Asked DC to get Config Advisor installed on VCenter/WIN server but they claimed, hardly anything there to take into consideration. Will ask them to try again also on this once the wiring is confirmed.


Btw: This setup used to work on a previous location with both FAS & DS to both controllers.  Nothing has changed at new location besides re-racking and re-wiring. Is there some command that needs to be executed maybe that we can try?


Much appreciated ahead of time, and hope I can share with DC folks to troubleashoot this issue.  My hunch is that also the 2nd replacement (new) cable is maybe also faulty.


Thanks everyone,




Re: DS2246 & FAS2240-2 wiring help


you say it is a dual-controller. Why are you asking for a cabling diagram of one node and one shelf ?


see if this helps (it is for a stack with 3 shelves but the concept is the same for one)



Re: DS2246 & FAS2240-2 wiring help


I think he means "one filer" is one HA pair.  


OP,  you should have 4 sas cables and 3 acp cables for this config.    You can also check (or have your DC folks check)  for link lights on the rear of the controller and shelf.    

Re: DS2246 & FAS2240-2 wiring help


This is what the DC folks sent me and how its wired, which they just confirmed for me to check and it appears no SAS alert warnings in System Health tab 🙂


Now to check if any other warnings appear next from which I see syslog needs some filtering of some sort.. or can I assume if System Health has no alerts, all should be good?


Hope attached image helps others.


Thanks guys for your help.


Re: DS2246 & FAS2240-2 wiring help


That looks good.   


I would also check sysconfig on both controllers to make sure it says HA multipath and ACP FULL.     (or run config advisor)  


You'll also be able to check on ActiveIQ/Autosupport eventually to verify it's correct. 

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Re: DS2246 & FAS2240-2 wiring help


Config Advisor is a great idea - a wonderful tool to use any time you install or change things on a FAS/AFF system.


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