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Deduplication bug?



today I think we hit hard this bug, filling a 3.7TB aggregate with 1.2TB of A-SIS


   Total space    WAFL reserve    Snap reserve    Usable space
BSR NVLOG           A-SIS          Smtape
         3673GB           367GB             0KB          3306GB
   0KB          1122GB             0KB

Space allocated to volumes in the aggregate

Volume                          Allocated            Used       Guarantee
volroot                             163GB          4167MB          volume
linux_virtual_machines              905GB           900GB            none
test_iscsi_vol                     4487MB          4308MB            none
microsoft_virtual_machines           106GB           105GB            none
iscsi_linux_vms_vol                 138GB           137GB            none
mail_fast                           707GB           700GB            none

Aggregate                       Allocated            Used           Avail
Total space                        2027GB          1853GB           156GB
Snap reserve                          0KB             0KB             0KB
WAFL reserve                        367GB            39GB           327GB


Now we cleaned up a little bit and now we have 150GB free and the services running.

I would like to resolve the issue, and I'm asking myself if it's wise to:


- Disable the SIS avoiding a tonight disk filling:

sis off /vol/<volname>

for every volume that has the deduplication on


- When convenient  (maybe in the weekend) run

sis start -s /vol/<volname>


- When convenient ask my specialist to upgrade the DataONTAP to a fixed version


Am I right?


PS: I'm also asking myself if there is a way to see how many stale fingerprints I have.

the percentages shown in sis status -l are not too high and it seems to me that they are wrong!





Re: Deduplication bug?




Please refer bug 657692 and KB https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/stale-metadata-not-automatically-removed-as-part-of-the-sis-start-operation-on-the-volume-when-running-data-on...

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