FAS-2040 show both aggregates


i am new netapp guy and facing some issues regarding FAS-2040.

i have installed FAS-2040 storage with DS4243 X 2 shelf. creagte 2 aggregates. one aggregate with controller one in DS4243 shelf and 2nd aggregate on 2nd controller in other DS4243.

can we visible both aggregate if one FAS-2040 controller down?

Re: FAS-2040 show both aggregates


If cf is licensed, configured and all cablings is done correctly, then yes.
>cf status
>cf monitor
commands will show you, if cf is enabled and takeover possible.
You can disable and enable cf simply typing command >cf enable or >cf disable.

If controller1 crashes, controller2 will take all services from controller1.
In that case if you log in to controller2 using CLI, you are able to see all controller1 aggregates volumes etc.


Re: FAS-2040 show both aggregates


To add to that...

you can enable cf as ismopuuronen said and test whether failover is happening properly by executing "cf takeover" and "cf giveback" commands.