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FAS2040 - Add New Shelf in HOT


We have one FAS2040 with 12 disks on chassis and 2 controllers in production.

Now, we bought a new shelf DSX-14.0TB-QS-R5 - SHU8976700454A0C - PAT 951.

Can we connect FC cables in HOT on FAS2040 controllers or the best is shutdown Data Ontap controllers?


Re: FAS2040 - Add New Shelf in HOT


Yes, you can hot add the shelf to the controller.  There is no hot removal, but hot add is supported for a new loop or add-on to loop.

Re: FAS2040 - Add New Shelf in HOT


Yesterday I connected the FC cable in IN on Shelf and 0a in another controller (never used, without operation system).

When boot console says:  "if i want construct new root volume with flexible vol type 4a" But when tried show error because the controlle detect 0 (zero) disks.

Also tried maintenance mode to debug through sysconfig -v command my adapter 0a (where is connected shelf) is UNINITIATED.

I need help to detect the disks shelfs e start construct new root vol. Welcome any suggest?

Re: FAS2040 - Add New Shelf in HOT


You check the new Shelf on a other System? Which System?

Take options 5)

Please take Point 5) from special boot Menue and type:

"disk show -v" it show you maybe unowned Disks, with  disk assign all you can assign them to the host and you can built up a  new root with 4a) on next boot.

But when you remove the Disks to add them at your FAS2040 you have to remove the Ownership from the Disks.

When you still see no Disks, try

"fcadmin config" that 0a is configured as initiator and not as target.

Adapter Type      State                  Status
  0a   initiator  CONFIGURED.            offline
  0b   initiator  CONFIGURED.            offline
  0c   initiator  CONFIGURED.            offline
  0d   initiator  CONFIGURED.            offline

when there is target and a other port is already initiator change the port, or

fcadmin config -t initiator 0a (maybe it's needed to set it offline, then fcadmin config -d 0a)

cheers Soeren

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Re: FAS2040 - Add New Shelf in HOT


Thank-you  ! Solve the problem!

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