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FAS8040 missing 4 onboard ports


e0e through e0h are not showing up in my sysconfig -v output on one of two controllers in one of our customer's FAS8040 systems.  I am curious if there's a way to enable these ports, or if there's a replaceable component besides a full controller replacement to fix this.  Any input is welcome.  Thanks!





Re: FAS8040 missing 4 onboard ports




If the ports are missing in sysconfig -v, likely there's a dead PCIe switch which requires a PCM replacement.
e0e-e0h are UTA2 ports, so first you need to check if it's actually missing or not. 
Possibly, It would have been configured for FC, which won't show e0e-e0h in sysconfig -v but  only shows  0e-0h
you can check the port personality using the command "ucadmin show" , if the mentioned ports shows as FC mode then it needs to be changed to CNA. 
  1. network fcp adapter modify -node node_name -adapter adapter_name -status-admin down
  2. ucadmin modify -node node_name -adapter adapter_name -mode cna

Reboot the node, and then bring the adapter online.

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Re: FAS8040 missing 4 onboard ports


It looks like the 4 ports show like you said as 0e, 0h, etc, so I may just need to re-configure them according to instructions here:  https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.dot-cm-sanconf%2FGUID-6C7DC7FB-8EA5-4997-89B5-9FB2F553AFA7.html


Going from FC to CNA mode and we should be all set.   Thank you!

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