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Flashpool aggregate deletion doubt.

Hello community!

I  have a storage pool that is providing cache to two flashpool agreggates (aggr01 and aggr02).

I need to delete a flashpool aggregate (aggr02). Will this have any impact on aggr01 ?

I assume it will free the allocation units aggr02 is using on the SP and have no impact on aggr01 - just want to be sure.


Thank you,




Re: Flashpool aggregate deletion doubt.

Deleting aggr02 won't affect the overall storage pool.   The flashpool partitions that were assigned to aggr02 will get returned to the pool. 

Re: Flashpool aggregate deletion doubt.

Thank you SpindlNinja!


I can confirm that this doens't impact other aggregates that share the flashpool (on a FAS8020 running 9.4P2).



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