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How to move DS4243 disk shelf to FAS2240-2?

Currently, we have a FAS2050 with a DS4243 connected. One root volume is on the internal drives of the FAS2050 and the other root volume is on the DS4243.

We're migrating all data from the FAS2050\DS4243 to a FAS2240-2. After this is done we want to disconnect the DS4243 and reconnect it to the FAS2240-2 and create a new aggregate.

My thoughts on doing this are to console into the FAS2050 node that the root volume is on the DS4243 and do a zero out of all the disks so Data ONTAP 7.3.5 is no longer recognized.

Then remove the current SAS cables on the FAS2240-2 chassis and connect the DS4243.

Something that I am not familiar with is the short SAS cables connected to the back on the FAS2240-2 now. Are these necessary to allow the internal drives to be accessed by each node? Can I remove the short SAS cables hot without disruption to the system and add the DS4243?

Thank you all.


Re: How to move DS4243 disk shelf to FAS2240-2?

Those short cables are to get multipath drive connection, so you should be able to remove them to connect extra shelves.

Re: How to move DS4243 disk shelf to FAS2240-2?

So the short cables are just if the internal SAS connection stops working? Then disk throughput will be routed through the short cables for the chassis drives?