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Re: Implementing NAS on FAS 2620

Good idea to have more than one DNS server anyway, not just because of NetApp SVM configuration. If one DNS server is down, the other takes over. You would configure each SVM with both DNS server IP addresses.

Re: Implementing NAS on FAS 2620

Hi Thomas!


 OK, so with N servers I can create N dns?

 And, with NetApp (I just have 4 Ethernet ports 1Gbps e0c, e0d, e0e, e0f). How can create redundancy for connections links like some ways on another machine (teaming port, Ether Port channel...) ?

 I've created svm (ntapsvm1) with 2 connection: e0c (, e0d ( But I don't know how they can redundancy for each other. I also create svm account on dns server with informations: ntapsvm1 mapping with IP





Re: Implementing NAS on FAS 2620

For redundancy, create an interface group with the two interfaces, and assign the IP to the interface group (or add VLAN tags and assign to the tag).