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NetApp FAS2552 snapvaul/snapmirror to IBM N3240



I am new here and hopefully you can contribute to finding the answers I need.



My customer has an IBM N3240 system for his current production. Due to growth it's not performing as they want.

So they bought a new NetApp FAS2552 system. Both are full of licenses.

The IBM is on OnTap 7.

The NetApp preferrably c-dot8.3


They want the NetApp to become primary storage and use the IBM for SnapVault and SnapMirror target.


How can we make this work, with SnapVault en SnapMirror.


Can the N3240 be upgraded to OnTap8.3?


Please help me out here!





Re: NetApp FAS2552 snapvaul/snapmirror to IBM N3240



According to http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=ssg1S7003656&aid=1

IBM N series only supports Data ONTAP version 7.1 and later, and will not support Data ONTAP 8.3 and above. This govens all the other N-series support....

small tip: the n-series chassis is the same as the FAS2554 and DS424X shelf. maybe you can use this info



Re: NetApp FAS2552 snapvaul/snapmirror to IBM N3240

Hi Gidi,


Thank you for your response.

As I opened the document my eye fell on the "Cover" tab.


This document is an Gateway Interoperability Matrix for the N5000/N6000 and N7000 systems.


The system is a N3240 so it does not apply I guess?




Re: NetApp FAS2552 snapvaul/snapmirror to IBM N3240



the phrase itself mention n-series as a series, and the >8.3 versions are not available in IBM website. i don't think you'll get a official answer around here. as "officially" it's not a NetApp product.