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NetApp FAS2750 connectivity with Cisco FI6248



I have Cisco FI 6248 and VNXe3100, it is  directly connected with FI and Luns are mapped to Cisco  server, now our VNXe is  end of support. now we are planning to buy NetApp FAS2750 , can we connect and configure the NetApp with Cisco FI and assign the LUNs to cisco server. there no SAN switch in our envoirement.


Can we used Cisco FI insted of SAN switch.





Re: NetApp FAS2750 connectivity with Cisco FI6248



It does not mater what hardware you got for the 'Host' , what maters is the HOST OS (and HBA Driver) are compatible with the NetApp Storage 'Operating System/ONTAP' running on your FAS2750.


If you know which OS is running on the CISCO Server and what HBAs/Driver are, then you can use SAN Interoperability Matrix to verify these components!



Re: NetApp FAS2750 connectivity with Cisco FI6248


Thanks for reply..

my concern is this can we configured the NetApp storage with Cisco FI.


Generally we need SAN switch for FC connectivity in NetApp Storage.

Re: NetApp FAS2750 connectivity with Cisco FI6248

You can always switch to FCoE or iSCSI if you don't have FC SANs available.

UCS 6248 does FCoE.



The UTA2 ports on the FAS2750 do FCoE.

Here's a validated architecture example with UCS 6248's in the picture.


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