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Power consumption per controller FAS2552

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I need to know the power consumption of the FAS2552 controller with 24x 1.8T SAS. I am looking in HWU site, FAS2500 datasheet and FAS2550 specs and not see this information.

any ideia?


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When you go into HWU and select the fas2552 and show results, there is also a link for electrical requirements.

That will show you the various power consumptions depending on single controller, HA pair, 900GB disks, 3.8TB, etc.

2017-04-12 17_23_20-NetApp Hardware Universe.png


That should definitely get you going, I expect.



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Re: Power consumption per controller FAS2552

I don't have access to HWU, and cant read the image.  It SHOULD be on the datasheet, but it isn't.

Re: Power consumption per controller FAS2552

Unfortunately the answer isn't simple enough to just put on a datasheet - for use in commercial datacenters, we find our users need to know exact power draw, which differs based on number of working PSUs, supply voltage and disk and controller configuration.


The FAS2552 depending on configuration, uses between 220W and 500W. We wouldn't want to put "500W" on the spec sheet and have someone to not look at it because they have a 300W limit or comparison figure, when the configuration they're looking at only uses 280W, for example.


Your reseller should be able to supply exact specs for the model and configuration you're looking at, or be working with NetApp channel team to supply those details.