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Removing SAS and ACP cables


I'm sure this information is somewhere, but I can't find it. I've read all the guides on the NOW website.

I have a FAS2240-2, with an old fibre attched disk shelf.

At the moment head A uses the internal disks only and head B uses the fibre attached disks. The fibre disks are fine, and this bit won't change.

For the internal SAS disks, I have the SAS and ACP cables running between the 2 heads, so in the event of a failover, they can take over from each other, this has previously been tested.

I need to install an extra shelf of disks, we've got a DS2246, and I'm looking to make all disks available to Head A only.

After my long winded intro, my real question is, can I remove the SAS cable from head B end, so I can attach it to the new disk shelf, before adding the others in, without taking anything offline, or warning the system I'm about to disconnect a cable?

Then I will need to do this with the ACP cables, is this the same.

Thank you



Re: Removing SAS and ACP cables

Yes, you can disconnect second SAS path to connect new shelves. Of course, make sure that both paths are fully functional before doing it. For ACP - it is no problem to temporary disconnect it at any time.

Do not forget that each shelf needs unique ID and to change it you need to power cycle shelf. Double check new shelf ID before connecting it - changing it later will require downtime.

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Re: Removing SAS and ACP cables

Thank you, I will do the upgrade.

Check out the KB!
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