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Reset Service Processor Login


I've recently bought a couple of FAS2520's with dual controllers each and 2x DS2246 shelves with everything populated with 900GB SAS drives. I got these a very good price for learning purposes.


The previous user of these haphazardly wiped them and whilst they have ONTAP still installed, they are in a mess in terms of configuration/setup.


I am also completely new to the NetApp platform, so learning as I go along.


I am concentrating on the one SAN right now - It has 2x controllers both running 8.2.3 7-Mode. The previous user has lost all licence details - so that's another thing to sort out. I have another community thread open on that.


The first thing is, I have gone into the CTRL+C and done a option 4 wipe on both controllers. I've then setup all the parameters, so I have SSH access into ONTAP on both.


The main reason for this particular post though is that a password appears to be set on the service processor on each controller but I cannot find how to reset this. I have tried the default of admin / netapp!123, but that doesn't work. The previous owner told me a password, but that didn't work either.


Is there a way, through either the serial console or via the ONTAP CLI to reset the service processor password so I can gain SSH access?




Re: Reset Service Processor Login


OK - So I found an obscure article online about 7-mode SP login being naroot rather than admin, and that worked. It has inherited the root password I set during the controller setup.


Every NetApp knowledgebase article I found said the username was admin for the service processor.


So for this one - All sorted 🙂

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Re: Reset Service Processor Login




I'm glad you were able to figure it out! What articles did you reference? If we need to improve a KB you can contact us directly or leave feedback on the appropriate KB. @DrewC or myself can help ensure those updates are done.

Re: Reset Service Processor Login



Most of NetApp ONTAP documentation is online - the key is to specify your version and mode specifics.

E.g.  ontap 8.x 7-Mode SP login



The 1st hit is:


Pg 193.

The SP comes with an account named "naroot". Only the SP naroot account and Data ONTAP user accounts with the credentials of the admin role or a role with the login-sp capability can log in to the SP. These users have access to all commands available on the SP.

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