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Using CNA ports for both FCoE and Ethernet SImultaneously


Is it possible to use my CNA ports for both FCoE and NAS simultaneously?


I have two X1139A cards (CNA 2-port / 10GbE / X1139A/X1140A ) in slots 4 and 5 of my FAS8040 that are currently configured for FCoE.  I would like to use e4a and e5a to create an IFGRP which would then be used as the home port for an intercluster LIF - thereby allowing me to have 10Gb for SnapMirror without having to purchase additional 10Gb SFPs, etc.


Currently running Ontap 9.1P16.


Re: Using CNA ports for both FCoE and Ethernet SImultaneously


Is this what you're refering too?    



FCoE mixed with IP storage protocols

Using host FCoE initiators (CNAs), you can connect hosts to both controllers in an HA pair to FCoE target ports (also called UTAs or UTA2s) through FCoE switches. FCoE ports cannot use traditional link aggregation to a single switch. Cisco switches support a special type of link aggregation (Virtual Port Channel) that does support FCoE. A Virtual Port Channel aggregates individual links to two switches. You can also use Virtual Port Channels for other Ethernet traffic. Ports used for traffic other than FCoE, including NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, and other Ethernet traffic, can use regular Ethernet ports on the FCoE switches.

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