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Verify Shelf Cabling

Does the cabling below look correct? This is a FAS2240-2 with a DS4243 Shelf.


Re: Verify Shelf Cabling

Very close!

Left Controller Square > Top Shelf Module Square

Right Controller Square > Bottom Shelf Module Square

Left Controller Circle > Bottom Shelf Module Circle (flipped)

Right Controller Circle > Top Shelf Module Circle (flipped)

You flipped the end of the stack perfectly, but the way you cabled it would mess you up when you need to hot add a shelf.

ACP looks perfect.

Re: Verify Shelf Cabling

Are you sure? According to the documentation, circles are connected to squares and squares are connected to circles.

Re: Verify Shelf Cabling

Correct the Circle <-> Square relationship needs to be maintained.

Re: Verify Shelf Cabling

Did this ever get answered?

I have inherited the same setup but I'm pretty sure it is cabled incorrectly.

Re: Verify Shelf Cabling

Run the config advisor or wire gauge to find the health of your HA pair. That will give complete answer.

You will not be able to download the config-advisor or wire gauge, please engage the Professional Services or NetApp.

thank you

aK G

Re: Verify Shelf Cabling

Um yes I can:


Not sure that will help though. Seems odd that nobody can just look at the picture and say yes or no...



Re: Verify Shelf Cabling

Run the config advisor, it will help no doubt. You will also get a detailed report too what is bad in the environment.

thank you


Re: Verify Shelf Cabling

Hi Brian,

Can you please provide more details which diagram are you referring at ?



Re: Verify Shelf Cabling

The first one that is a photo with the red and blue lines.