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What is a chassi?

HI Guys,

New to NetApp and I have a question about Chassis...

I understand what it means when we say "controllers" and "IOXM" but what is a chassi?

for example, a FAS3240E means that it is one controller and one IOXM in a single "chassi"... FAS3240A means 2 controllers in a single chassi... 2X 3240E means two 3240 with IOXM but requires "two chassis"...

can someone also shed light on when it will be necessary to have IOXMs?

Re: What is a chassi?

Hi Max,

Welcome to the NetApp Community! Here is a good article on FAS3200, it offers an illustration that might help you understand the terminology.



Re: What is a chassi?


Thats exactly what I'm after/....