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boot password


I´m looking for a solution to set a "boot" password on a FAS 2040, Ontap 7.3.3.

It is required, that the FAS 2040 is only booting when a password is entered.

Thanks in advance!



boot password

Sounds like a BIOS Password prompt, correct?

I do not know of any way to set soemthing like this on a NetApp Controller.

One possible workaround could be to prevent it from automatic starting up. I'm not sure if this environment variable still is valid with todays ontap versions (especially Ontap 8).

try setting this FW env variable to TRUE:

CFE> setenv floppy-boot? true

check with thi scomand if it took the setting:

CFE> printenv floppy-boot?

This will make the controller to start and then wait after the FW load for an answer to the question:
Floppy Boot (Y/N)


Maybe this helps,


boot password

Nice litle trick! so long the RLM/BMC is setup and works this would be beneficial. You run the risk of not being able to remotely login to your controller if you prevent it

from rebooting automatically.


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