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disk fail netapp N3220


my question 

1.  how to Check disk spare is used.

2. disk spare not zeroed   mean ?

3. i can replace disk ?

but i dont see error disk fail 




Re: disk fail netapp N3220


Hi Finirel,


Here are the answers to your initial questions.

  • Q: How to check disk spare is used.
    • A: When a disk fails from an aggregate, a hot spare is automatically pulled into the aggregate and depending on if it failed or went to pre-fail, will determine if a raid reconstruct (disk failed) starts or a disk copy (pre-fail).
  • Q: Spare disk not zeroed mean?
    • A: When a spare disk is "not zeroed" it means that the drive has not had blocks zeroed out.  You do not need to zero out disks manually.  ONTAP will automatically zero the disks before they are used within an aggregate.

Reference: How to zero spare drives for reconstruction & Fast zeroing of drives


  • Q: Can you replace the drive?
    • A: Are you referring to the failed/broken drive?  If the drive is already showing failed/broken state, then you can physically replace the drive with a replacement drive.

Hope that answers all your questions.  let me know if you have any additional questions.



Team NetApp

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Re: disk fail netapp N3220


form  Environment

storage   1 disk fail in image 1.

i  not sure disk spare use in image  2 take spare disk fail in image 1 

you have command check status spare disk  ? 

if  i replace disk new  i must make disk type to spare or add to argge data 

image 1


image 2



Re: disk fail netapp N3220


Hi Finirel,


Yes you can replace the broken disk 0a.00.8.  Easiest way to verify which spare disk that was used to replace the failed disk (0a.00.8) would be to review ASUP logs.


The command to check for a spare disk is the following:

storage aggregate show-spare-disks


Once you replace the disk you can make the drive a spare disk.  You will just need to assign the disk to a specific node and then it should move to the spare disk pool.  



Team NetApp
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