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Assign disks to ControllerB , 270c



  We have a NetApp 270c with 14 143GB disks, all visible to ControllerA.

  I would like to setup ControllerB's root volume, and proceed with my tasks.

  I have unassigned 7 disks from ControllerA, and can verify some disks are not owned by ControllerA.
  When booting ControllerB, and going into special boot mode, I am not able to go any further, as it does not see these disks.

  When going into maintenance mode on ControllerB, I am not able to see the disks either. 

What am I missing?


# logs: (from controllerA)

fas270> disk show -v       
  DISK       OWNER                  POOL   SERIAL NUMBER  
------------ -------------          -----  -------------  
0b.27        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  3KS65WYF00009732Q7GG
0b.18        Not Owned              NONE   3HY8HGV5000074528JUE
0b.44        Not Owned              NONE   ZAJVV63G           
0b.41        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJVV1WG           
0b.43        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJEVYNG           
0b.42        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJVV98G           
0b.35        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJW112F           
0b.36        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJKDNZG           
0b.33        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJX399F           
0b.32        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJWPZ9F           
0b.45        Not Owned              NONE   ZAJVV26G           
0b.40        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJETTNG           
0b.38        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJKDJ6G           
0b.22        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  3HY9ATW0000075163TBE
0b.21        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  3HY8GWPP00007451Z8GV
0b.28        Not Owned              NONE   3HY8HLWM00007453RGJ3
0b.19        Not Owned              NONE   3HY8HM6V000074528H5N
0b.24        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  3HY8HFMV000074527D4E
0b.23        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  3HY8HELC000074527CVE
0b.26        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  3HY8HFRP000074527CPE
0b.25        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  3HY8HM5D00007451KKDY
0b.29        Not Owned              NONE   3KS5RFK000009717X0V0
0b.20        Not Owned              NONE   3HY8HE29000074525ZRD
0b.39        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJPDSXF           
0b.34        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAJX4WUF           
0b.17        Not Owned              NONE   3KS5QZB400009717WFXH
0b.37        fas270    (84179494)   Pool0  ZAKAJ7PF           
0b.16        Not Owned              NONE   3HY8HK55000074528HC9

#from controllerB

*> storage show disk

DISK                  SHELF BAY SERIAL           VENDOR   MODEL      REV

--------------------- --------- ---------------- -------- ---------- ----




On controller B maintenance mode, do you see the 7 disks when you type "disk show -n" ?  If you see them then run "disk assign all".. if not more troubleshooting... do you see any other disks with "disk show -v" ?


no disks show on ControllerB, thats the whole thing

*** (from maintenance mode)

*> disk show -v
Local System ID: 84178826
disk show: No disks attached to system.

Will check termination switch on controller next   Thanks!


Check the cabling. The disk shelves (unless really old) should be auto-terminating.

Are both controllers connected to the external disk shelves in the same way? Remember controller A is the opposite way round as it's upside down. Both controllers need connecting to the disk shelves, one to each shelf module (controller A to module A, controller B to module B). You can do HA cabling also if you have enough cables by returning the loop to the opposite controller.

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