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Changed IP Address - FAS250


We are using FAS250

everything was working fine

by mistake i changed its IP address and hit Apply

the IP address that i changed to was of our AD1

Now i cannot access the admin console

and i cannot access the data on filer

Any help please?

how can i access to change the IP address back to the actual one?


Re: Changed IP Address - FAS250

Your best bet is to connect via the serial port.

Use the ifconfig command or rerun setup.

Re: Changed IP Address - FAS250

thanks i am connected via com

i read the file

rdfile /etc/rc

its shwoing worng ip there

whats the command to change the ip address there

and save it


Re: Changed IP Address - FAS250

rdfile /etc/hosts

ifconfig e0a ip_address netmask

wrfile /etc/hosts


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