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Expanding FAS 3020 Drive Space after mirroring


I am hoping someone can help answer whether or not this will work.

I will be in the process of migrating Windows 2003 Storage server to 2008 Storage Server, an in-place upgrade is not an option since I am replacing the hardware.  Secondly I would like to keep all rights-attributes on user and public shares intact.

I plan to mirror data from the server's primary storage NAS with a FAS 3020 as a secondary LUN. After the mirroring process is complete, I will fail the primary NAS and migrate to the FAS 3020 as the primary, after the migration I would like to expand the drive space on tha FAS3020 without losing data.  The primary NAS and server will then be retired. Is this possible?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.





I don't understand what you are doing here.  Perhaps you could use a list with the steps and make sure each step is clearer about which server and which NetApp you are referring to.


The primary question is:  Does the FAS3020 allow for expanding of the drive -- without losing data?  The reason I ask this question is if I mirror the two storage units (primary storage unit is an off-brand storage unit-no, I didn't buy it), I will have to configure the NetApp device with a significantly smaller drive space, and would like to expand the drive space after the migration.



I'm guessing you aren't a person bothered too much by details...

In any case, depending on what you actually mean by drive,

1. LUN's can be expanded and reduced (don't do this unless you really understand the consequences) on the fly

2. Disks can be added to the storage system on the fly to expand capacity.

3. "Aggregates" can be expanded on the fly by adding disks. Disks cannot be removed.

4. Flexible volumes called "flexvols" can be expanded and contracted/reduced on the fly.

There are a few limitations on how many times you can expand a LUN, but this is, as is the answer to your question, documented in the system documentation at http://now.netapp.com . Utilizing the larger LUN is a matter of growing the file system for the OS you are using... which is Windows, if I remember correctly.  Make sure to read the documentation to make sure that you choose the correct LUN type when creating LUNs or you could suffer some significant performance problems.


Thank you Shaunjurr,

That's really what I needed to know, Unfortunately I am "NEW/Niave" to NetApps and have not receive any of the documentation that comes with the unit yet.  I will read before starting the process.

Thanks again,




There is normally no documentation shipped with the units anymore.  Just some license forms.  To view the system documentation, go to now.netapp.com .  You just need the serial number of your unit (sysconfig -a  or /etc/serialnum or some where in filerview) to setup an account to view documentation, download software, view bugs and autosupport analysis.  It is unfortunate that your NetApp sales rep hasn't informed you of all of the information waiting for you there.

Good luck.

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