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FAS2040 space issue



I have inherited a FAS2040 which was being used to store staff files but will now be used as backup storage. I have opened up FilerView and can see that we have one Aggregate (aggr0) configured with Raid_Dp. The puzzle for me is that the box has 12 1TB drives in it but there are only  6 disk (2 spare, 0 fail) showing up in System Status.  On top of that we only have 540gb of available space which seems very low. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong? Being backup storage I need to maximise the space available.

Sorry if this seems like a simple question but I am completely new to the Netapp environment.


Re: FAS2040 space issue


OK, digging around some more and I can see (under Manage Disks) that 6 of the disks are partner disks (Used space 0mb). So a bit of reading tells me that this must be a dual controller device and these other 6 disks belong to the second controller. So the question is how do I gain access to the partner disks to get more space? I was hoping to run Raid 4 and only one spare as this is backup storage.

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