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How can I kill an existing SSH session to a FAS2040?


The FAS2040s we are using appear to allow only one simultaneous SSH session to a head.

We have a problem in that we have a 'lost' SSH session on one of our 2040s - the SSH client program has crashed, yet the filer appears to think it is still up, since we can't log another ssh session in.

I've tried using the Filer View web interface Filer->Use Command Line, but that appears similarly afflicted.

Whilst I'm sure I could resolve this by rebooting the filer, is there a more graceful solution to clean up this ssh session?

I can mount to /vol/vol0 - is there anything I can do to the file system to kill the existing SSH session details?

Also, is there a configuration option to allow more than one concurrent SSH access?




#Clear 7-mode hung SSH session, using PuTTY:

echo priv set advanced; rshkill 1; logout telnet > netapp.txt && putty -ssh -2 -l root -pw YorPassword -m netapp.txt


Thanks for the replies so far. I've managed to restore ssh access. The previous ssh session was running a script over the weekend. I believe the script was still running on the filer despite the ssh session crashing (or the ssh client session timing out), since after accessing the filer via the serial connection (and seeing no prompt), I pressed control-C, at which point the filer prompt reappeared. Having now killed this running process and exiting  the serial connection session, I am able to ssh into the filer again


I use below command to delete my ssh session. Run below command from any Linux machine.

rsh –l  <user_name>:<password> <filer_ip> “logout telnet”.




Within FilerView/Systems Manager just disable ssh then enable ssh, this will release the session...





you can connect to your filer via bmc/rlm modul, if you have installed it. else you have to wait until your session get a timeout.

another option maybe is with rsh, this must be actived


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