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How to do syslog forwarding on S550?


I can't find any option in the managment interface to forward the syslogs. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

Thanks, Mike


Re: How to do syslog forwarding on S550?


You can either use "FilerView->Filer->Configure Syslog" or modify /etc/syslog.conf directly on the filer. The entries are similar to standard Unix syslog config or you can check in the filer's manual page for syslog.conf.

Not sure about all filers or versions of ONTAP, but mine (7.3.3) has examples already in there on how to forward various messages to another host.

Edit: I don't even know for certain if a S550 has FilerView or a syslog.conf file...

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Re: How to do syslog forwarding on S550?


If only it were that easy... You can't use FilerView on an S550, unfortunately. And the CLI isn't supported either. (I didn't say it didn't work, just that it isn't supported.)

From the StoreVault Manager 3.2 helpfile:

You cannot use enterprise NetApp management tools such as FilerView® or the Data ONTAP command-line interface (CLI) to manage the StoreVault storage system.

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