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If no 2008 AD yet, can we mix mode it?


If Server 2008 AD domain functional level is not supported yet and won't be until Q1CY09 (per THIS post), is it OK to upgrade both my DC's to 2008 but just keep the domain functional level at 2003/2008 mixed mode until support arrives? I do NOT want to hit THIS problem. Or would the fact of upgrading even one DC to 2008 kill me? I ask because it is on my list this year to have my DC's up to 2008 (which is obviously before Q1CY09).




The answer for NetApp FAS Storage systems is yes we support Windows 2008 AD since 4 march 2008. The link to the other post is related to the S-Famliy (formely StoreVault).

Check this support matrix for details.


Windows 2008 AD is not supported for mixed or native mode on the S-Family.


Marco Scarpi


Yes, I was referring to the S500 I currently have (hence the post in the S-family forum).

So, not even mixed mode, huh? Well, hopefully NetApp is getting on the ball about this one. Since the S-family is geared towards small business and now Small Business Server 2008 has RTM'd I would think this would be a detriment to any future customers until it is supported as it completely rules out anyone with a 2008 DC in their shop (not to mention the current customers like me who are just waiting to upgrade and can't).




I can tell you from personal experience that I have installed and setup 2008 domain controllers in my office, and my S500 is working perfectly. My S500 is not pointed to the 2008 server for authentication, it is still pointed to a 2003 domain controller. I have not elevated my domain to a 2008 functional level, it is still operating at a 2003 funcational level.


Thanks for the heads-up. Good to know that it works somewhat. I've still got a decision to make I guess.