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Mixing Drive sizes in an s300


So being new working with StoreVault, can you mix drive sizes in a StoreVault? What if you have 6 250Gb drives and need to add storage, the 250s are EOA which means you need to go ot 500s.

I am just trying to cover my bases here.




My understanding is yes you can but if you mix disks in the same aggregate you could be wasting alot of space. The sales bods should confirm this for you.


I had a similar experience with my S500 where I had 250GB and attempted to add 500GB to the array aggr0 and they would not join the aggr. I opened up a case and they took 48 hours only to say "sorry you cannot mix drives". Good luck but I would open a case with support before you make a move and have them confim this - trust but verify.

All the best,



I was also told that it is not currently supported for the S500 for mixing drive sizes. However, I raised the question over on the old Storevaulthelp.com forums about this since the 250GB's were going away. If my memory serves me, I was told that this feature will be available in an OnTap update in the future.

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