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Network configuration/capability

I have a question about the S300 and S550....specifically, why does the 'lower model' S300 have 4 NICs whereas the S550 have only 2?

It seems to me that, using the S550, I cannot do what I want with only 2 NICs. That is:

1. Keep iSCSI traffic separate from the main network by using a separate subnet/vlan

2. Be able to manage the S550 from the main network

3. Configure the 2 NICs in a fault-tolerant fashion

That is, I could do 1 and 2 by specifying e0a and e0b with different addresses but that would preclude 3. Or I could do 3 but I would have to have the management network the same as the iSCSI network.

Am I right or have I missed something?




Re: Network configuration/capability

I completely agree that the 2 NICs on 550 and 4 NICs for the 300 is totally backward. I believe that there is a an PCI add in card that can be ordered for the S550 and S500, to add 2 more NIC. Hey you bought the more expensive unit, you should have extra money to buy add-ons that should have been part of the original package, sheesh... call your reseller or NetApp. If you do please post the price because I am looking to do the same thing for my S500's

Re: Network configuration/capability

I'm aware of the ability to add a scsi card but not of the option to add 2 more NICs. I have a Netapp price list in my possession (albeit for an S500 not an S550) and there is no mention of such an option on the list.....

Re: Network configuration/capability

I appears that I am wrong. I could have sworn that I saw a parts list that had a dual nic card for the S550. Please look at the 8-22-2008 on this blog. http://blogs.netapp.com/the_view_from_drew/

Re: Network configuration/capability

Thanks for that Nicholas

Re: Network configuration/capability


That card is an obvious add-on but we've not been able to get one qualified that has had a reasonable life span. I'm sorry but I'll let you know when it is available.


Re: Network configuration/capability

Thank you for the response. If or when a dual NIC add-in card becomes available do you know if it will be compatible for the S500 and S550. I have S500's so that is what I care about more.

Re: Network configuration/capability


If and when it comes out, it is planned to be available on both models.


Re: Network configuration/capability


To be honest it it rather poor that NetApp havign now taken over the storevault side of things can;t getthe network card validated. IN my opinion the s500 should have had 4 gigabit ports in the first place purely for the reasons that others have stated i.e. redudancies, failover and better throughput.


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