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Storevault S550 - NVRAM ECC Errors


Our trusty Storevault S550 starting rebooting spontaneously last Friday and has been rebooting intermittently ever since, no changes on the network or config, errors seem to point to faulty nvram but having trouble tracking down a spare part. 

Getting the following shutdown notice by connecting to the serial interface:

[kern.shutdown:notice]: System shut down because : "Multibit ECC Error encountered during startup."

Also seeing the following recurring ECC errors in the console output:

[nvram_mm.log.ecc.error:info]: ECC error at address 0:835a128 and bit 3

Checked memory is ok and ran full system diagnostics includign mobo, mem, cf-card, scsi all passed but nvram failed (battery, mem data walk, mem address walk all ok, partial word load/store FAILED). 

The output from the nvram diagnostics looks like this:

Testing NVRAM card in slot 2

NVRAM Battery Jumper Enabled

NVRAM battery (4158 mVolts) ................. PASSED

NVRAM data walk ............................. PASSED

NVRAM address walk .......................... PASSED

ERROR DNH0132: Addr=0x07002060: Exp=0xd5055931, Act=0xd505593d, Diff=0000000c

ERROR DNH0132: Addr=0x07002120: Exp=0x065d6b83, Act=0x065d6b8f, Diff=0000000c

ERROR DNH0136: Addr=0x07002120: Exp=0x8bf20bbf, Act=0x8bf20bb3, Diff=0000000c

ERROR DNH0132: Addr=0x07002180: Exp=0xd140c594, Act=0xd140c598, Diff=0000000c

ERROR DNH0132: Addr=0x07002360: Exp=0xe76c6149, Act=0xe76c6145, Diff=0000000c

ERROR DNH0136: Addr=0x070023c0: Exp=0x1d17edeb, Act=0x1d17ede7, Diff=0000000c

ERROR DNH0132: Addr=0x07002600: Exp=0xfe2f09b7, Act=0xfe2f09bb, Diff=0000000c

ERROR DNH0132: Addr=0x07002660: Exp=0x17320e2d, Act=0x17320e21, Diff=0000000c

ERROR DNH0136: Addr=0x070027e0: Exp=0x4c6c0ecd, Act=0x4c6c0ec1, Diff=0000000c

ERROR DNH0136: Addr=0x07002840: Exp=0xc8a57a44, Act=0xc8a57a48, Diff=0000000c

ERROR DNH0132: Addr=0x07002960: Exp=0x76243fc7, Act=0x76243fcb, Diff=0000000c

Too many errors, aborting test.

NVRAM partial word load/store ............... FAILED

The appliance is out of warranty so having problems getting support.  Anyone know a good place for replacement parts on an old S550 or know how to clear the ECC errors showing on nvram?

Thanks for any advice.



Re: Storevault S550 - NVRAM ECC Errors


Took the NVRAM card out and left for 72 hours to discharge the battery, reinserted the card, got a message about NVRAM battery being discharged but all OK.  Storevault has been back to normal operation since and the battery charge is back to normal. 

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