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Using a DS14 MK2 AT-FCX as DAS on Qlogic QL2460 ??



I am brand-new to the forum, so bear with me.

I've done a bit of searching, but have not found a DEFINITIVE answer.

I have a few ESXi Hosts with Qlogic QL2460 4gbps FC HBAs

I've found a local company that has SEVERAL DS14MK2 arrays very cheap and would like to know has ANYONE successfully gotten one of these to work as DIRECT ATTACHED STORAGE.

I would like to use FreeNAS as the O/S, but if there is something better, please suggest.  I would like to remain with RAID-Z (ZFS)

Any help, photos, diagrams, suggestions, would be appreciated!



Re: Using a DS14 MK2 AT-FCX as DAS on Qlogic QL2460 ??


While I cannot vouch for your situation, I think it's worth a try. I have a QLogic 2340 and have tested it only on Windows, for personal enjoyment. Let me remind you that this configuration is of course not supported. A quick google search will explain more detail about using the shelf as a JBOD. I do recommend that you give Data ONTAP a try when it is possible!

Re: Using a DS14 MK2 AT-FCX as DAS on Qlogic QL2460 ??


Thanks Alex! I am currently using another TOTALLY un-supported configuration with a Netapp Appliance. I scored a Storevault S500 for $50 off Craigslist and with the existing software/firmware in place, the unit will only support the proprietary Netapp “serialed” hard drives. Well, on the back of the unit, there is a black panel that covers TWO PS/2 keyboard/mouse ports and standard USB 2.0 ports. I installed FreeNAS onto a bootable USB stick, booted the appliance off it, and shoved the array full of off the shelf 1TB Hard Drives. So for $50, I have a 12TB JBOD iSCSI array.

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