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save configuration after reboot


hello everyone

i just spent an hour configuring vifs and vlans, then i attempted to do a takeover only to realise that my network configs were lost after the takeover.

i have read that i need to save the config etc/rc

is there an easier way or foolproof way to save the configs across reboots?

thanks in advance.



save configuration after reboot


The filer reads the /etc/rc on boot up to load the network information. You have to add it there to make any network configurations permanent.

The initial "setup" command will write the results there. But it is somewhat limited if you want to vlans / multi level vifs, etc.

I'm not sure if making the changes through FilerView will update the /etc/rc automatically or not.

save configuration after reboot


Yes, making changes through filerview make changes in /etc/rc also, if making change through command line don't forget to add it in /etc/rc to keep it persistent.


save configuration after reboot


agreed..update rc whenever changing on the cli.  I've had too many support calls from customers over the years with Filerview corrupted rc files (ifconfig before the vif create for example)... mostly BURTs and probably most are fixed, but I tell all customers to not use FilerView.  System Manager maybe, but even better to understand the file and edit it... FilerView is gone with the next major release so good to wean off anyway. 

A good way to be proactive is to have bmc/rlm/sp configured...then if a network issue in rc or hosts you can still get access to fix things.

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