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About NCIE-SAN(NS0-507) certification download

Greeting Everyone.



I have passed NCIE-SAN(NS0-507) at 2018-Jul-17 but I can't download the certification.My NCDA(NS0-157) has expired at 2018-Jun-21.Is the NCDA certification need renew for download the NCIE-SAN certification?


Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.


Re: About NCIE-SAN(NS0-507) certification download

Did you mean 508?


NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—SAN Specialist, ONTAP logos and certificates will be granted to those individuals who successfully obtain NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP (NCDA ONTAP - NS0-159) certification, then pass the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—SAN, ONTAP (NS0-508) exam.

Re: About NCIE-SAN(NS0-507) certification download

Hi @MorrisWeng,


Yes, you have to renew the NCDA first, then pass the NCIE-SAN.

You can always send an email to and ask if they can assist you somehow.


Good luck!


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