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Administration vs Boot camp


Hello all

I have done all the online training for NS0-155 and need to figure out what I need to write the exam. When I talked with our storage guy at work he said he just did the administration course. Is there a huge difference between that and the Boot camp? Will I be able to pass the exam by just taking the Administration course?

Thank you in advance



The Accelerated NCDA Boot Camp will give you a much better chance of passing the NSO-155 exam as not all the information you need is covered in the Administration course.  The Boot Camp has more depth on SAN and other specific topics that you will need for the exam.

Alan Lee

Fast Lane Consulting and Education


I been looking into this more. One thing I notice is that the prerequisites want you to have Administration course before taking the Boot Camp. As much as I would like to take the Administration course first my budget can not afford doing both. Would Working hands on with Netapp and a lot of study make up for not taking the Administration course?


A few months work experience with NetApp solutions will serve as a good prerequisite for the ANCDA Boot Camp.  A general knowledge of the ONTAP operating system, client protocols and the command line interface is really what you need most.