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Best ONTAP training option for experienced engineers?


Hope this is the right place to post this. Our team (4 senior engineers) have been given the ok to purchase training credits and we're a little at a loss for what to go for.  Seems that the NetApp University catalog is mighty limited for any advanced subjects but maybe I'm missing someing in the course descriptions.

I've got 18-years of experience running shops with large NetApp installations.  TONS of experience on 7 and 7-mode filers.  Much less on CDOT and ONTAP 9.


Last year we all got the 3-day ONTAP fundamentals.  I got the additional 2-day data protection course.  My ONTAP fundamentals 3-day was ONTAP 9 based -- my colleagues went a few weeks earlier and theirs was based on 8.3.x.   A lot of review for me, and mostly what I thought was GUI-based, OnCommand instruction.  Note my colleagues had zero experience with NetApp gear going in.


While I'd like to take the CIFS and NFS course, I'd much rather get a more advanced class.  I fear the CIFS and NFS stuff will just be a review for me.


For now, I'm putting in for the "Performance Analysis on Clustered Data ONTAP" and "Data ONTAP CIFS Administration", but would love some imput from everyone out there.  Good call?



Yes -- I've already heard from colleagues in the field that attending Insight is like getting advanced training delivered through a fire hose. If anyone has any "insight" on other, maybe 3rd-party folks offering classes, please share it.


My colleagues have re-upped to take the "fundamentals" class, despite the repeat of the 3-day course with the only difference being ONTAP 9 vs. 8 in the syllabus.  


So...Any and all advice appreciated!  




Check this guy,


He is offering class via udemy


Around 22 hours of videos from basics to advanced concepts.

Very affordable and in my opinion have everything you need.




Thank you!  I'll give him and what he offers a good once-over.


Hi Kevin,


I hope you found your luck by now.

I just wanted to add that I think the Performance Analysis is a good call for sure.

To go deeper into the Data Fabric portfolio, I would recommend our new training called Integrating Hybrid Cloud with NetApp Data Fabric.

It allows you to get a great hands-on experience on OnCommand Cloud Manager, ONTAP Cloud, AltaVault, CloudSync and the networking concepts of AWS and Azure.


It is offered by most of our Learning Partners worlwide.


Otherwise, for deeper troubleshooting classes, these are usually only available for our Certified Partners.

I hope this helps.