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Certification NS0-502 -Query

Hi All,


I am planning to give NS0-502 exam. can anyone help me from which is most useful guide [pdf] ? in order to prepare for this exam.


I have passed certificate NS0-154 in 2012 which is expired now. do i need to pass again NCDA exam for NS0-502 certification?


if anyone pass this exam, kindly also share your thought.


Thanks in advance!!





Re: Certification NS0-502 -Query

To take any of the NCIE exams, you need to have a valid NCDA. It doesn't matter which NCDA, so long as you have one.

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Re: Certification NS0-502 -Query



Passing the NCIE-SAN exam will automatically extend your NCDA credential if you pass it before the NCDA expires.


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Re: Certification NS0-502 -Query

A few years ago i missed date and my NCIE expired 😞
I took both exams again, however i talk to NetApp university and they kindly awarded me by voucher for NCDA 🙂

It was really appreciated

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