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Cisco NetApp FlexPod Design certification exam prep discussion


Welcome to the Cisco NetApp FlexPod Design certification exam prep discussion.  This discussion is intended for candidates preparing to take the NS0-170 Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design certification exam.  Here you can participate in an  interactive question and answer discussion on topics covered in the NSO-170 exam.


Participation requirements:

  • This forum is open to discussion and knowledge sharing on the concepts related to FlexPod design.  This is not a forum for disclosing actual exam content.  Any posts that ask for information on actual exam content and/or disclose actual exam content will be deleted and the author will be banned from the discussion.  Please review the NetApp Certification Exam Security policies here prior to posting in this discussion.
  • This is a review of concepts and strategies covered in the NS0-170 exam.  We assume participating candidates have previously consumed the recommended training for this exam (see recommended training and other prep materials here) as well as listened to our two hour online review (1 hour of lecture, 1 hour of demo) of some of the topics covered on the exam.  This review session is available here and is broken down by topic area so candidates can focus on those sections where they may need additional explanation and demonstration. 
  • Several FlexPod SMEs are helping to moderate this discussion but there may be a time lag between responses.  We hope to respond to all posts within 24 hours.


Please note that this prep session by itself is not intended to prepare you for the exam.  It is offered as a final review for those that have already prepared for their exam through consumption of the recommended training and have experience with FlexPod design.


Post your questions and comments here.  We will respond within 24 hours.



Please is the Cisco 500-170 the same as NSO-170?


Yes those two exams are exactly the same.  HOWEVER, if you are a NetApp partner attempting to get compliance credit for the certification please take the NetApp version. This will ensure your records are correctly processed.



Liz Burns


I recently attended Cisco Live and attempted and passed the Cisco associated FlexPod Design certification.  Is there anyway, I can get that exam on my NetApp certification record?


Hello Thomas,


While these exams are the same content, because they are delivered by two different companies, we cannot add another company's exam (even if it is one we share) to CertCenter. However, if you need this certification for compliance purposes, we can have this information show in that database. Please contact me at if you need to do that.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager


Thaks Liz for the response.


Are the exam questions the same for Cisco 500-170 and NSO-170 also?


As mentioned - they are the same exam.  This is true for all our FlexPod exams.




Please help on the Hypervisor Solutions that are actually considered for the test ? The NVD's & CVD's have OVM, Hyper-V & VMWARE listed



Thank you



The platform supports all major hypervisors and operating systems.


Which means Citrix, Red Hat, VMware and Microsoft.


This means that any of these hypervisors can be referenced in the exam.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager


Good afternoon,

vSphere 5.5 (and 6.0) have been released long ago but documents about the FPDESIGN exam refer only to 5.1. When taking the PFDESIGN exam in Dec. 2015, is it then possible that it contains questions about 5.5 or 6.0?

Thank you,

Frank Teegelbeckers



We have not updated the exam to be more current unfortunately.  We will be doing that update next year.






LizBurns, Can you tell us when the new redesigned NS0-170 exam will be in the test centers?  You know, the one that actually tests our ability to design and sell FlexPod solutions, the one that doesn't have at least 20 questions that no one would even care to know the answers to because it would have zero value to the partner SE and any customer in the sales cycle?


Thank you for your question.  We have just completed a review and update of the current Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design (NS0-170) exam to clearify and/or correct some questions/answer options.  We will be updating all the FlexPod exams to reflect updates to the product in the first part of 2016.



Liz Burns


Ohh, I thought it was the plan to have them available on Insight in Berlin?


Yes the FlexPod Design and FlexPod I&A exams offered at Insight Berlin reflect the updae to clearify and correct problem questions.   The update to lastest technology will happen beginning of 2016.

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