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Difference between NCIE and NCSIE


I recertified last July as an NCIE, but now I'm being asked to certify as an NCSIE.  What's the difference (aside from 8.3 to 9.x) and are they equivalent?


Re: Difference between NCIE and NCSIE


Hi Roger,


the NCIE comes in 2 variations, SAN and Backup. It's the Implementation certificate, meaning on a configured cluster you implement SAN or Backup features.


the NCSIE is the installation certificate, meaning you're able and certified to build a cluster according to NetApp best practices. Hardware, racking, stacking, cabling.

Also proving to the customer, that everything works, by creating simple SVMs and knowing enough about NFS/CIFS/SAN to connect customer machines (maybe your notebook) to show the customer, that the stuff he ordered is actually working. Takeover/Giveback, Switchover/Switchback. Basic knowledge about the User Interfaces (CLI/GUI) to be able to answer typical customer questions (Where do I find... )


There are NetApp University courses to prepare for the NCSIE: COIW (Clustered ONTAP Installation Workshop)   which I also teach 🙂




NCI (NetApp Certified Instructor)





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