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I am reading about Snaprestore in the Data Protection Solutions Guide and there explain that Snaprestore restores Files, Volumes but there no goes so on... and I need some information about what does snaprestore do.. I know that snaprestore can revert volumes, and files, but there's no some information about if it can revert directory or qtrees?.... I read about it can't revert LUNS so my question is it.... Snaprestore can reverts volumes, files and qtrees or directory?.

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Re: Information about Snaprestore


What you're reading is all correct. It could also restore an aggregate, but I wouldn't ever do that.

There's a thread from last month regarding snapshots and snap reserve on aggrs on here you may wish to search for and read.

Don't just study for the exam - play with this stuff on a simulator install.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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Fastlane NetApp Instructor and Independent Consultant

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Re: Information about Snaprestore


To clarify: yes, snap restore can restore single files or volumes (or aggregates) -- but no, it definitely cannot restore directories or qtrees.

In order to restore a directory, you would need to do a drag/drop or cp (via .snapshot) from CIFS/NFS, or use ndmpcopy from the command line.

LUNs should be snapshotted and reverted using SnapDrive.

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Many thanks for your answers,

I will going to test with the Simulator to do with the information that I need, if anybody knows please let me know.


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