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Modify Snapvault Sched

Can we modify the snapvault schedule ? Right now we are keeping 240 copies on destination filer at 8,12,16,20. So that we can restore our data for 60 days. Now we want to keep only 60 copies at 8pm. How can I modify the snapvault snap sched ?


Re: Modify Snapvault Sched

Yes, you can modify the SnapVault schedule either from the command line or with System Manager.  I'm assuming that you are running a 7-mode system.  For 7-mode, the SnapVault schedules can be found in the "Data Protection" section in System Manager or with the snapvault snap sched command from the system command line.


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Re: Modify Snapvault Sched

Thanks Ken

Re: Modify Snapvault Sched

I am on 7 mode. Right now my schedule is 240 copies @ 8,12,16,20. The data is for 60 days restore.

Now I am rescheduling to 60 copies @ 20. I guess from the next update it will keep 60 copies and will delete all the snapshot at 8,12,16... right ?

Will I save some space ?

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